Some history in mexico


LALM Information

The national Pastors serve 33 locations of ELC-M churches and outreach ministries are generally within a 180 mile radius of Monterrey, Mexico (see map).   ELC-M trains its own pastors.

The LALM director is  Pastors Mariana Mendez , headquartered in Laredo, Texas.  Many volunteer opportunities exist for service to the mission. Contact the director to arrange Short Term Missions trips to share yourself with the people Mexico.

The Gospel Bookstore is located at the Laredo, Texas border mission station. It serves the literature and media needs of people in the surrounding area.

The Board of Directors is composed of people from various Lutheran bodies and supports the ongoing work on the border and in Mexico.

Mission staff publish the quarterly Clarion newsletter.

 NEW LALM Brochure (PDF)
Map of Church Sites
 List of Pastors 
Personnel – Board of Directors, Border Missionaries, Mission Staff

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