27th week of La Frontera Emergency Food Bank effort. An expanded “Manos de Amor” initiative to support the most vulnerable families within our mission partner networks.

Bethel Lutheran Church is the inner city engine of generosity serving vulnerable families during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

On the 27th week of operation, our expanded human care response to the worsening conditions for so many vulnerable families in our mission field and with our mission partner networks at the border region in Texas and far inland of México border states and our pioneering effort at the Sierra in Coahuila.

The families begin to form a car line across and around several street blocks at 6:30a.m. Our distribution begins at 8:00a.m. And by 9:30a.m. we had exhausted our supplies with over 300 families served at the Border Station location. We always have time to learn from the testimonials of so many families confirming that this aid is significant and important. Volunteers hear these stories from their hearts, fraternal hearts that empower our Christian communities.

We assure our volunteers we will respond, they reassure families we are a Christian family.

Jesus always present in this expression of generosity. We pray for our donors, their families and endeavors during this time of calamity.


Semana # 27
Jueves de Bendición en Bethel
Hoy las familias iniciaron su fila a las 6;30 am iniciamos a las 8:00 y a las 9:30 am habíamos terminado podemos recibir muchos testimonios cada día de lo mucho que estos alimentos ayudan a las familias en pobreza. Que Dios bendiga a todos nuestros donadores y a los voluntarios que hacen posible que las familias reciban esta bendición.

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