Families recently affected by tropical storms amidst the COVID19 pandemic in Zacapa, Guatemala receive human care.

Blessing to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas 🇲🇽

It has been extremely difficult to support our mission field in Mexico with borders rightfully closed to tourists traffic due to COVID19. Yet leaders with the possibility to travel come to the Laredo Border Station and through the “ant distribution network” distribute to families in Nuevo Laredo.

We pray for wisdom to better serve our neighbors across the Rio Grande River.

We pray for La Frontera 🇺🇸 🙏🏼

A rare Sunday emergency distribution of protein to 12 ministries in Laredo. 🇺🇸

Se distribuyeron 7,200 libras de Hamburgesas de pollo en 12 ministerios de la frontera que hacen un total de
720 familias.

¡Que Dios bendiga estos ministerios!

Jesucristo Fuente de Agua Viva Lutheran Mission 🇬🇹

Our mission at El Filo del Mecate, Huité, Zacapa led by Pastor Onan Ramirez and family.

Pastor Onan

Our new start: Fuente de Vida Mission in El Jute, Huité was founded in January 2020 bringing the Good News to hard to reach places.

Please pray for our new missions during this unprecedented time of global pandemic.

We thank the Rodriguez Family of Laredo, TX and LALM.

San Rafael Lutheran Mission (IELMAR 🇲🇽) Resumes in person gatherings after a strict process with the local authorities.

Blessings to San Rafael, Saltillo, Coahuila 🇲🇽 as they resume their outreach programs in benefit of the community.

Public Health authorities revised and provided guidelines that allow them to provide service to the public.

An infrared thermometer is mandatory to screen participants and visitors.

Please pray for the ministry that Pastor Abel and Olgita Martínez accomplish. Theirs is a comprehensive labor of love. Let’s pray for their continued health and the Lord’s continued presence upon their lives.

We pray for the Lord’s Mercy. Amen 🙏🏼

Palabra de Vida | Word of Life literacy program provides Bibles to Ministers at their anniversary. 🇲🇽

We thank the Binneboese Family of Georgetown, TX for their continued commitment of ministry to Spanish speakers. Their support has enabled the purchase of Bibles and one temperature screening device.

The “Word of Life” program brings the Word of God accesible to leaders and house churches throughout LALM’s Mission Field in La Frontera, Northern México, Guatemala and El Salvador.

An special event where these books will be presented is upcoming.

To God be all the Glory!

Hunger does not take a day off even as we celebrate our nation’s birthday. 🇺🇸

The Salvation Army of Laredo leads an effort at the Texas Colonia of El Cenizo, TX each Saturday morning at 10:00am.

Today this effort fed 150 children who shared a time of prayer and a delicious warm meal.

Thank you to the volunteer cooks from El Cenizo! Together we are better!

Pepe Moreno’s effort on hot Laredo summertime.
Thank you Brother Pepe!

Grains and blessings from our friends at OGT Nebraska. Siempre tenemos frijoles!

Always a great day to welcome Lutheran human care to the Laredo region. God watches over La Frontera.

Thank you OGT for your committed partnership with the needy families at the US|Mexico border.

Brother Alfredo from Plenitud de Vida helping to offload the grain totes.
Thank you to our mission partners Plenitud de Vida with their storage support at Laredo.