Lutheran Mission

The Latin American Lutheran Mission (LALM) is an independent Lutheran mission started in 1936 (see history) and is focused on proclaiming the Gospel to the people of Mexico as well as the larger Latin American region. It was the founder, and now Mission Partner, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mexico (ELCM + IELMAR). LALM has many Mission Partners and we pray to have more each day 🙏. Together we accomplish the last mile.

The LALM director is Pastors Mariana Méndez , headquartered in Laredo, Texas.


It seeks involvement and mission partners with persons, congregations, and college church groups as it encourages Bible study and discipleship training to equip Latin American people to fulfill Christ’s “Great Commission.”

In the LALM brochure, read about the mission and how you can become a partner with it.

Many volunteer opportunities exist for service to the mission. Contact the director to arrange Short Term Missions trips to share yourself with the people Mexico.

The Gospel Bookstore is located at the Laredo, Texas border mission station. It serves the literature and media needs of people in the surrounding area.

The Board of Directors is composed of people from various Lutheran bodies (presently individuals who are members or leaders affiliated with LCMS, LCMC, NALC and ELCA sit on our board) and supports the ongoing work on the border and in Mexico.

Mission staff publish the quarterly Clarion newsletter.  See also the following:

NEW LALM Brochure (PDF)
Map of Church Sites and List of Pastors (PDF)
Personnel – Board of Directors, Border Missionaries, Mission Staff


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