Outreach Opportunities

Support of Food Bank

Supplies for the Texas/Mexico border poverty ministries (food for 100 people, adults, and children living in smaller border towns) $3600.00

Mission and Pastoral Care
Emergency funds to help families in crisis. These may included illness, death, or physical misfortunes. This is for low-income families along the border towns both in Mexico and in Texas. There may also be cases where money may be needed to help one of the ELCM pastors or family. $2,000

Support of New Missions and Evangelism
New small mission congregations are starting in communities along the Texas border. Many are “house churches” where people meet in the community to worship together without the use of a church. Supplies are needed for these congregations including bibles, worship materials, bible study programs and materials for youth and children. Several have been started recently on both sides of the border. Cost for support materials is about $5000 annually.

Support of the Laredo Properties and Operations
Help to support the headquarters ministry in Laredo, TX. This may include donating time to do upkeep repairs to the buildings on the properties. Cash donations would be used for general operations of the properties – utilities, general expences, and salaries. $50,000 annually.

Mission and Leadership Training
On-going training for pastors in the ELCM and lay leaders in the local churches. Courses may be giving in a classroom or taken on-line in meeting centers in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. The goal is to provide educational packages to 20 leaders in 2013. The cost of this program would be about $8000.

Missionary Discipleship Outreach and Education
Three organized events during 2013 for women – $500
Three organized events during the 2013 for youth – $1500
Three organized events during 2013 for children (bible school, Sunday School, VBS) $750

Center for the Advancement of Women – “New Life.”
Three pilot programs to encourage participation, education, and improving economic conditions of single mothers, mother groups, and large families in rural areas along the border towns in Texas and Mexico. This program would teach the necessary skills leading to the start of a new small business and a source of income and self-sustainability for the family.
Decorative religious candle factory – $3500
Sewing class program – $6000
Organic homemade soaps – $1500

Texas/Mexico School Supply Program
Match sister churches all over the country to partner with local border churches and ministries to source approximately 1350 bags of school supplies for needy children. $1000.

Target New Church Plants in Border Towns in Texas
San Carlos and San Enrique, Texas: Look for suitable place to rent for Bible study, weekly worship services and congregational programs. $6000.

Search for a Suitable Location for Buena Vista’s Colonia
Combine Buena Vista ministries into one house for worship. A house would be chosen to rent for this purpose. Donations for this item would also include establishing additional house churches in Nuevo Laredo, MX. $5000

Start Exploratory Mission Work in Nicaragua and Guatemala by End of 2013.
Support of this item would include required resources for travel and mobilization in those countries. $2000

Community Gardens Project.
Tools are needed for large garden plots to feed the local people along the smaller border towns. Greenhouses would be built for vegetables and fruit plants and be protected by covers from the hot and dry summer weather along the Texas border. The food produced would be used to feed the local citizens. $5500.

Purchasing New Technology for Rural Pastors and Lay Leaders.
New computer equipment would be purchased for pastors and congregational leaders so they can communicate with the centeral ministries in Laredo, TX. This would include maintenance and the necessary software. Computers would also be used for on-line training and video conferencing. Equipment for 10 locations $600 each $6000

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