Short Term Missions Info.

Short Term Missions Information

There are many opportunities for volunteer service at the Border Mission Station or at one of the churches in Mexico. You can be a partner by joining a Short Term Mission Team.  Look at a list of potential current projects or develop another. Please contact the director of LALM or his wife:

Pastor Mariana Mendez (Director),
3519 Salinas Avenue, Laredo, TX
phone: 956-898-8322 / 956-763-1220

Short Term Opportunities

Infomation about a short term trip is in the Leaders Manual

-Complete a Work Project Registation form and furnish information about your team in the Trip Data Sheet
-Cost of trips is on a per person basis plus transportation, insurance and documents
-Bus transportation is available from Messiah Ministries
-Cars, Vans and Trailers need Mexico government permits, see Leaders Manual for details plus an authorization form
-Also see links to other organizations who conduct trips with LALM and resources for short term teams

Leader’s Manual (PDF)
Mission Team Preparation Manual (PDF)
Volunteer Trip Leader Form (PDF)
Mission Work Project Registration Sheet (PDF)(DOC)
Short Term Mission Trip Data Sheet (DOC)
Costs of Trips (DOC)
Insurance (DOC)
BUS Information: Messiah Ministeries International, L.L.C (PDF)
Vehicle Authorization SAMPLE (DOC)

File Format Information

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