Director’s Reflections

Director’s Report and Prayer Guide

The LALM Director will provide updates on the Mission and the Church in Mexico and current prayer requests


Director of LALM:
Pastors Moises & Marianna Mendez
3519 Salinas Ave.
Laredo, TX 78041
phone: (956) 898-8322 or 956-763-1220

Reporte de May 15
Ministry report of May 2015

Directors Report 2015

Reporte de Julio y Agosto 14

April 14 Report from Pastor Moisés Méndez

Notitas del mes de Diciembre ‘13

Report and Prayer Guide

Director’s Report (doc)

The ELCM Prayer Guide is presented on two pages. It can be printed front and back on a single sheet using the “outside” and “inside” pages below. Fold vertically for a tri-fold page to use for yourself or distribute to others.

Prayer Guide outside (pdf)

Prayer Guide inside (pdf)

Previous annual reports.
Director’s Annual Report Sept. 2006 (Windows media)

File Format Information

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