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The central vision of LALM is the orientation toward action of evangelization, with the purpose of growth of the Kingdom of God, strengthening and starting new missions in different areas and gaining the collaboration and participation of believers in the work of God.

New Missionary Vision of LALM
The object and purpose of LALM shall be as follows:

1. Take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the countries of Latin-America.
2. To promote and study the word of God, and the development of Christian character among believers;
3. Establish sectorial organizations and provide organizations a voice in important decisions

For the motto, “United in mission.”
Approach: “Together in mission.”
Dynamics: Team work, organization and planning
Strategy: new mission and “the multiplier effect.””
Scope and footprint: Mexico, Texas, and Central America

Click Here to see LALM 2013 Presentation

Click the Following to see developments in LALM though its presentation to the board:
Presentation para el Board de LALM ’13 – Ingles – partA
Presentation para el Board de LALM ’13 – Ingles – PartB
Presentation para el Board de LALM ’13 – Ingles – PartC



LALM Information

The Latin American Lutheran Mission (LALM) is an independent Lutheran mission started in 1936 (see history) and is focused on proclaiming the Gospel to the people of Mexico. It was the parent, and now partner, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mexico (ELCM). This partnership encourages Bible study and discipleship training to equip Mexican people to fulfill Christ’s “Great Commission.”

In the NEW LAM brochure, read about the mission and how you can become a partner with it.

The national Pastors serve 33 locations of ELC-M churches and outreach ministries are generally within a 180 mile radius of Monterrey, Mexico (see map).   ELC-M trains its own pastors.

The LALM director is  Pastors Moises  Mendez , headquartered in Laredo, Texas.  Many volunteer opportunities exist for service to the mission. Contact the director to arrange Short Term Missions trips to share yourself with the people Mexico.

The Gospel Bookstore is located at the Laredo, Texas border mission station. It serves the literature and media needs of people in the surrounding area.

The Board of Directors is composed of people from various Lutheran bodies and supports the ongoing work on the border and in Mexico.

Mission staff publish the quarterly Clarion newsletter.

 NEW LALM Brochure (PDF)
Map of Church Sites
 List of Pastors 
Personnel – Board of Directors, Border Missionaries, Mission Staff