The Clarion is published quarterly by LALM for friends of the Mission and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mexico. If you wish to be a prayer helper in this Mission for Mexico and would like to receive the Clarion, please contact the Editor at: DX Design, Carol Dumonceaux, Clarion Editor 17747 County Highway 5 Clitherall, MN 56524 or use email contact: There is no specific subscription price for the Clarion, but for those who wish to and have the means to help LALM with its cost, it is about $3.00 per year for each mailing address. Please send contributions to: LALM PO Box 17385 Minneapolis, MN 55417-7385

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Summer 2016

Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-001Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-002Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-003Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-004 (1)Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-005Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-006 (1)Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-007 (1)Clarion_Summer 2016_WEB (1)-page-008 (1)

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2 thoughts on “CLARION

  1. Thank you for the many years that we could enjoy the Clarion. But now we ask you to please remove us from the mail list. Thank you. Wesley and Gretchen Wheatley, 9943 Harriet Ave So., Bloomington, MN 55420
    Thank you very much.

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