LALM: Central America

“Come and See”

The reality of poverty in Guatemala is heartbreaking.  Children rummage through garbage piles in search of food.  Medication is expensive and hard to aquire.  Centered in Zacapa City, LALM is looking to grow its ministries and humanitarian outreach thoughout Guatemala.  Come to the LALM headquarters in Zacapa City and our busses will transport you to communities in real need while you experience breathtaking natural sceenery and cultural landmarks. Contact Director Mariana Mendez for more information!



 Zacapa City is the capital of the department of Zacapa, one of Guatemala’s 22 departments.

Read more about Zacapa City on Wikipedia

Read more about the department of Zacapa 

 Official site of Zacapa (in Spanish)  

Familias con niños becados en Zacapa, Guatemala. (25 niños)





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Look at our other Future Projects page to learn more about the mission to Guatemala:

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