We are intentionally grateful to each mission partner that volunteer their efforts near and far. Your gifts multiply LALM’s capacity to impact vulnerable families.

Please join us in prayer. 🙏

We pray for the families of LALM’s Zacapa Youth Station.

We pray for the volunteers and the Municipality of Huite and those also within Central America’s dry corridor for their commitment to mitigate the impactful effects of the Global pandemic at their locality.

We pray for the faithful to encourage the faithful, a mutual effort, mission partners that execute the mission at hard to reach places.

We pray for those in mission.

Amén 🙏

* There are many new efforts to become a mission partner with congregations, missions and house churches at hard to reach places.

La Iglesia Luterana en Misión: Municipios de Zacapa, Guatemala 🇬🇹 reciben una visita de Manos de Amor.

Manos de Amor en Guatemala.

Oramos por estas aldeas y vecindarios en Cabañas y otros municipios afectados por la pandemia global COVID19, fuertes tormentas e inundaciones y la realidad cotidiana de la pobreza extrema en el corredor seco de Centro America.

LALM acompaña a Su Pueblo con infraestructura de la misión presente en estos lugares difíciles de alcanzar. Gracias a quienes participan en esta labor por el pueblo adquirido por Cristo Jesús. Gracias por sus esfuerzos, talentos y donaciones para llevar acabo este apoyo fraterno.

¡A Dios sea toda la Gloria!

LALM responds to need at hard to reach places.

Thank you to the donors that support LALM. We are efficient at getting all donations shared in-kind at vulnerable communities.

Families recently affected by tropical storms amidst the COVID19 pandemic in Zacapa, Guatemala receive human care.

Jesucristo Fuente de Agua Viva Lutheran Mission 🇬🇹

Our mission at El Filo del Mecate, Huité, Zacapa led by Pastor Onan Ramirez and family.

Pastor Onan

Our new start: Fuente de Vida Mission in El Jute, Huité was founded in January 2020 bringing the Good News to hard to reach places.

Please pray for our new missions during this unprecedented time of global pandemic.

We thank the Rodriguez Family of Laredo, TX and LALM.

Please join us in prayer.

We pray for the People of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras as they are affected by increasingly dangerous series of storm systems. For our Lutheran Mission Partners, families of Pastors and leaders and their parishes, service and mission ministries.

We pray the Lord provides the safe passage for a joint response to these emergencies and to support the building of lasting mission infrastructure that improves self-sustainability and transfer food security capacities.