Lutherans from Texas join in an effort to support the vulnerable families affected by the Rio Grande Valley floods in the Hanna aftermath.

Thank you Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Flood Buckets = the kind gesture from our friends to help others with the cleanup effort in the Pharr, TX and vicinity.

Homes flooded with several inches of water in many cases.

This effort continues our response in these most difficult times when the Global CoVid19 pandemic takes hold of colonias, neighborhoods and villages served by LALM and our Mission Partners at home and internationally.

We pray for the return to health of many afflicted by this calamity. 🙏🏼

Lord in your Mercy.

Our partners South Texas Christian Initiative sharing the Lord’s timely blessings to families at the Texas Rio Grande Valley. The Covid19 calamity and floods have impacted these neighborhoods. Hi

Several residential neighborhoods, many vulnerable families were affected by Hana’s storm flash flooding. We responded immediately.

¡A Dios sea toda la Gloria!

¡Llueve sobre mojado en Pharr, TX pero Dios proveerá!

Please pray for the recovery efforts now underway at the Rio Grande Valley.

Lord in your mercy 🙏🏼

LALM: Somos sembradores de esperanza en medio de la pandemia e inundaciones con nuestra hermanos en la frontera las Milpas Pharr Tx