El Movimiento Luterano de La Sierra 🇲🇽 en mutuo cuidado humano de sus hermanos en Texas.

La Sierra in Coahuila continues LALM’s pioneering history at hard to reach places.

We thank Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Quiji, TX for their mission partnership reaching now 8 hour car drive into Coahuila, México.

Our joy is to be closer with the new medium to share the Gospel while accompanying the journey of the Mission.

We pray to soon provide catechism resources Online and Accompanied. The Lutheran Institute is today providing leadership the theological education necessary to raise new leaders and strong healthy families.

We pray for these communities of Faith now in formation through house churches in hard to reach places, where the WORD is arriving at the most needed time.

Lord, bless your Mission. 🙏

We are intentionally grateful to each mission partner that volunteer their efforts near and far. Your gifts multiply LALM’s capacity to impact vulnerable families.

Please join us in prayer. 🙏

We pray for the families of LALM’s Zacapa Youth Station.

We pray for the volunteers and the Municipality of Huite and those also within Central America’s dry corridor for their commitment to mitigate the impactful effects of the Global pandemic at their locality.

We pray for the faithful to encourage the faithful, a mutual effort, mission partners that execute the mission at hard to reach places.

We pray for those in mission.

Amén 🙏

* There are many new efforts to become a mission partner with congregations, missions and house churches at hard to reach places.