El Movimiento Luterano de La Sierra 🇲🇽 en mutuo cuidado humano de sus hermanos en Texas.

La Sierra in Coahuila continues LALM’s pioneering history at hard to reach places.

We thank Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Quiji, TX for their mission partnership reaching now 8 hour car drive into Coahuila, México.

Our joy is to be closer with the new medium to share the Gospel while accompanying the journey of the Mission.

We pray to soon provide catechism resources Online and Accompanied. The Lutheran Institute is today providing leadership the theological education necessary to raise new leaders and strong healthy families.

We pray for these communities of Faith now in formation through house churches in hard to reach places, where the WORD is arriving at the most needed time.

Lord, bless your Mission. 🙏

Palabra de Vida | Word of Life literacy program provides Bibles to Ministers at their anniversary. 🇲🇽

We thank the Binneboese Family of Georgetown, TX for their continued commitment of ministry to Spanish speakers. Their support has enabled the purchase of Bibles and one temperature screening device.

The “Word of Life” program brings the Word of God accesible to leaders and house churches throughout LALM’s Mission Field in La Frontera, Northern México, Guatemala and El Salvador.

An special event where these books will be presented is upcoming.

To God be all the Glory!